Welcome to David Doble Solicitors, the law firm that advises institutional investors on derivatives, structured finance and capital markets, from corporate bonds through hybrid products, to complex structured investment products. Our role is to assist investors to understand what they are buying, restructuring, unwinding or litigating in terms of the legal and structural risks that lie at the heart of these complex and innovative markets.  Our clients include some of the largest institutional investors; they are banks, asset managers, insurance companies and pension funds in Europe and beyond.

If you have a question or comment for us, then please write to info@daviddoble.com or call us.


About Us

The firm’s principal purpose is to provide a source of independent legal advice on the great diversity of highly complex structured investment products targeted at institutional investors.  One of the main problems for investors, as far as legal complexity and risk are concerned, is that the law firms with relevant expertise very often only make themselves  available to advise the “sell-side” and not the investor.   Read more


What we do

Here are some of the services that we offer:

- advice to institutional investors on transaction documentation for complex structured transactions (such as CDOs, derivatives etc);
- advice to investors in relation to disputes arising from investments in complex structured transactions;    Read more


In recent months the firm has acted for investors and noteholders in relation to:

- advising on unwinding/liquidating CDO transactions
- advising pension funds on liability management issues including longevity swaps    Read more



The firm advises on all types of transactions involving a derivative element (including bilateral swaps – such as CDS and ISDA related documentation generally).  We advise on most variations within the broad range of securitisations – and most commonly CDOs, as well as any other type of “repackaging”.  We advise on dynamic equity structures such as CPPI and dynamic index structures such as CPDO.  Our firm advises on most products/transactions originated by a “structured credit desk” or “structured equity desk” or “CDO desk” within an investment bank or commercial bank.



Institutions that traded in the international financial markets in the past decade are likely to be entitled to share in damages paid by the global banks in relation to various benchmark manipulation and market abuse activities.

But institutions that (unknown to them) may have suffered loss are required to be pro-active in order to ensure that they receive the compensation to which they are entitled. There will continue to be important registration deadlines in many of these cases: one such deadline - to participate in the court-approved distribution of US$1.865 billion is FRIDAY 27 MAY 2016.

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